Top Javascript Project Ideas For Beginners

Test your friends' knowledge (and your JavaScript skills!) with a quiz game featuring branching pathways, scoring, and fun animations

Interactive Quiz

Conquer your daily tasks with a customizable to-do list app. Add, edit, and mark tasks as complete, utilizing local storage to persist your progress

To-Do List Tamer

Build your own weather dashboard! Fetch real-time data, display temperature, precipitation, and forecasts, and personalize it with interactive elements

Weather Wizard

Share wisdom and inspiration with a dynamic quote generator. Pull quotes from a database, randomize them, and add visual flair with transitions and effects

Memorable Quotes

Put your logic skills to the test! Design a number guessing game with hints, difficulty levels, and a satisfying win animation

Guessing Game Extraordinaire

Unleash your inner artist! Create an interactive color palette tool where users can mix and match colors, save favorites, and even generate complementary schemes

Color Palette Playground

Develop a playful rock-paper-scissors game against the computer, featuring AI opponents with increasing difficulty levels.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Royale

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