Stunning Page Decoration Ideas For Project

Ditch boring lines! Sketch whimsical borders, playful doodles, or even mini-illustrations that tie into your project's theme

Hand-Drawn Highlights

Cut out shapes from colorful paper, old magazines, or even fabric scraps. Arrange them into eye-catching collages that complement your content

Collage Extravaganza

Choose decorative washi tapes in various patterns and thicknesses. Use them to create borders, highlight important sections, or even design playful geometric shapes.

Washi Tape Whimsy

Find thematic stamps, like animals, symbols, or even custom-made ones. Dab them strategically on your pages to add visual interest and reinforce key points.

Stamptastic Flair

Practice decorative fonts, calligraphy styles, or even incorporate hand-drawn banners for headings.

Lettering Love

Cut out small pockets on your pages and tuck in additional information, photos, or even tiny origami decorations.

Pocket Surprise

Design flaps, pull-out tabs, or even spinning wheels that reveal additional information or invite your audience to participate

Interactive Elements

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