PBL Project Ideas for Computer Engineering Students

Design and build a system to automate various aspects of a home, like lighting, temperature, and security, using sensors, actuators, and microcontrollers.

Home Automation

Develop a wearable device that tracks health metrics like heart rate, steps, and sleep patterns, and analyze the data to provide insights and recommendations.

Health Tracker

Create a robot that interacts with its environment, performing tasks like object manipulation or obstacle avoidance, using sensors, actuators, and programming.

Robotics Project

Build an application that uses image processing techniques like object detection, facial recognition, or image enhancement for a specific purpose

Image Processing

Develop a language assistant that interacts with users through voice commands, understands natural language, and provides information or completes tasks.

Language Assistant

Design and build a system that monitors energy consumption in a building or community, identifies areas for improvement, and suggests energy-saving strategies.

Sustainable Energy

Create a game that simulates real-world cybersecurity scenarios, allowing players to learn about vulnerabilities, threats, and defensive measures.

Simulation Game

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