Here Are Top Rube Goldberg Project Ideas

1. Chain together dominoes in a creative path, incorporating household objects like books, pots, and toys to trigger the next step.

Domino Delight

Design a marble run using cardboard tubes, ramps, and funnels, with each section propelling the marble to the next.

Marble Mayhem

Inflate balloons and use their popping power to trigger sequential actions, like knocking over cups or launching objects

Balloon Bonanza

Build a miniature watercourse using pipes, funnels, and everyday items to guide water through a surprising journey

Water Works

Create a domino race track with obstacles and challenges, where each domino triggers the next in a race to the finish line

Domino Derby

Use mirrors, prisms, and reflective surfaces to create a light show where light bounces and bends to trigger the next step

Light Fantastic

Incorporate musical instruments like bells, chimes, and kazoos into your chain reaction, creating a symphony of sound with each action

Musical Marvel

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