9 Science Fair Project Ideas for 7th Grade

Examine how various elements (such as water, light, music, etc.) affect the development of plants. Create an experiment to verify your theory, then report the results.

Plant Power

Examine the surfaces in your classroom for the development of microorganisms. Analyze the outcomes and suggest hygienic measures.

The Germy Classroom

Examine the sugar levels in well-liked foods and beverages. Make a graphic depiction of your research and talk about the possible health effects.

Snack Attack

To find out which paper airplane model flies the farthest or remains in the air the longest, build and test many versions. Describe the scientific theories that underlie your findings.

Paper Plane Pro

Develop your understanding of light and refraction by constructing a basic prism or spectroscope. Utilize it to break down light from sources.

The Rainbow Maker

Make a water balloon rocket and test it to learn about lift and propulsion. Play around with various parameters, such as launch angle, water weight, and balloon size.

Balloon Rocket Blastoff

Combine dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda to create the effect of a volcanic explosion. Examine the chemical process and talk about the practical science underlying volcanoes.

Volcano Eruption

Make your own invisible ink with lemon juice or other common household items to create your own covert messages. Describe the chemical characteristics at play.

Invisible Ink

Compare the rate of carbon dioxide release from different carbonated beverages. Explain the science behind the bubbles and discuss factors that affect their formation.

The Great Fizzy Challenge

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