7 Unique Project Ideas for College Students

Explore your city or campus community in depth, revealing untold tales and bringing attention to regional problems.

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Construct an engaging board game, plan an escape room, or develop a mobile application that includes educational activities.

Gamify a Learning Process

Find out about sustainable gardening techniques, sketch out a plan, get help, and plant a variety of plants.

Design a Community Garden

Organize language exchange sessions, put up an international culinary festival, or schedule evenings of cultural performances.

Organize a Cultural Exchange

Create a small-scale model of a renewable energy source, such as a windmill, solar panel, or biogas digester, then build it. 

Create an Alternative Energy Solution

To preserve its heritage, conduct elder interviews, gather artifacts, and produce a multimedia presentation or documentary video.

Document a Disappearing Tradition

To disseminate the word and provide resources, use peer support groups, workshops, art displays, and social media.

Develop a Mental Health Awareness Campaign

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