7 STEM Project Ideas for High School

Design a solution to a real-world problem inspired by nature, like a solar panel inspired by butterfly wings or a self-cleaning surface inspired by lotus leaves


Develop a mobile app or game that addresses a social issue like climate change or mental health awareness, or create a program that controls robots or drones

Code Your Future

Build a water filtration system for developing communities, design a prosthetic limb using 3D printing, or invent a device to aid people with disabilities


Explore the science behind cooking by experimenting with reactions like leavening in bread or the Maillard reaction in browning meat.

Kitchen Chemistry

Build a stop-motion animation using everyday objects or create a short film exploring a scientific concept like the water cycle or the immune system.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Design a smart garden system that uses sensors and automation to monitor and control plant growth, or develop a vertical farming solution for urban spaces

Green Thumb Tech

Investigate the microscopic world by studying bacteria growth patterns, analyzing water samples for microorganism diversity, or conducting experiments on antibiotic resistance.

The Microbial Mystery

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