7  Software  Engineering Project Ideas for Beginners

A dynamic website allows you to highlight your successes and abilities. To build a visually beautiful and engaging experience, use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Personal Portfolio Website

A traditional project for beginners that allows for flexibility. Create a basic to-do list application in Python, Java, or an other language.

To-Do List App

Make a word guessing game that is entertaining and difficult, modeled after Hangman or Wordle. To handle the game logic, use data structures like loops and arrays.

Word Guessing Game

Create a basic calculator app that does addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, among other fundamental arithmetic operations.

Basic Calculator

Gather quotations by web scraping or APIs, apply author or category filters, and let users contribute their own quotes.

Quote Generator

Create a tool for simple picture manipulation, such as scaling, cropping, rotating, and filtering. Use image processing libraries such as Pillow or OpenCV.

Image Manipulator

Create a mobile or online application that enumerates nearby companies in your community. To show locations on a map, use services like the Google Maps API.

Local Business Directory

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