7 Senior Capstone Project Ideas to Impress

Combine engineering and compassion to create a custom 3D-printed prosthetic limb for someone in need.

3D Print a Prosthetic Limb

Tackle the global water crisis by designing an accessible and eco-friendly water purification system for underserved communities.

Sustainable Water Purification System

Utilize machine learning to develop an immersive and personalized language learning app that adapts to individual needs.

Learning App

Conduct field research and data analysis to assess the effects of climate change on your local environment and propose solutions.

Investigate the Impact of Climate Change

Foster the next generation of leaders by designing and implementing a comprehensive leadership development program for young people.

Youth Leadership Development Program

elve into history and translate your findings into a powerful and moving musical composition.

Compose a Musical Piece

Utilize social media to raise awareness about mental health and combat stigma by sharing resources and personal stories.

Launch a Social Media Campaign

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