7 Science Fair Project Ideas for 6th Grade!

Whip up erupting volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar, explore invisible inks with lemon juice

Kitchen Chemistry

Design your own mini-greenhouse or study the seed germination rates of different fruits and vegetables.

Plant Power

Discover the fascinating world of buoyancy with homemade goop or explore the different types of reactions

Fizz-ical Fluids

Learn basic coding and make your own simple game, animation, or robot.

Coding Capers

Design an experiment to test how different materials conduct sound or build your own musical instrument from recycled materials.

Sound Sensations

Become a mini-meteorologist! Make your own rain gauge, build a cloud chamber, or investigate the relationship between temperature and pressure

Weather Whiz

Put common myths and legends to the test! Can you make eggshells float? Does chewing gum really stay in your stomach for seven years?


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