7 Roller Coaster Project Ideas

Build a compact coaster using cardboard, hot glue, and marbles, testing gravity and loop-the-loops on your desk.

Miniature Mayhem

Craft a classic wooden coaster with hairpin turns and drops, using dowels, plywood, and basic tools.

Wooden Whirlwind

Design a complex marble run with spirals, elevators, and branching paths, incorporating coaster elements like banked turns and hills.

Marble Mania

Design and simulate a virtual coaster in a game engine, experimenting with physics and layouts before building a physical model.

Digital Dash

Create a water coaster using tubes, pumps, and funnels, sending riders on a thrilling splashdown finale.

Hydro Hero

Build a coaster powered by gears and cranks, understanding the mechanics of motion and momentum.

Gear Grind

Repurpose old materials like pipes, bottles, and cardboard to create a unique and sustainable coaster with a story.

Upcycled Adventure

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