7 Physics Project Ideas for College Students

Explore the principles of lift and air pressure by constructing your own hovercraft.


You can build a miniature solar water heater using readily available materials like black bottles, cardboard boxes, and reflective surfaces.

Solar Water Heater

Dive into the fascinating world of sound waves and their relationship to musical instruments. B

Physics of Music

Design and build your own model rocket using basic materials like paper straws, cardboard, and a small engine.

Model Rocket Launch

Experiment with different launch angles, projectile weights, and counterweights to understand the dynamics of projectile motion

Build a Catapult

Using simple materials like cardboard, diffraction gratings, and a light source, you can build your own spectroscope to analyze the composition of light fr

Create a DIY Spectroscope

Combine your love of sports with physics by analyzing the motion of balls in different games.

Physics of Sports

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