7 Passion Project Ideas for High School

Channel your inner artist and revitalize a dull space with a vibrant community mural

Mural Maestro

Build a 3D printer, code a game, or design a sustainable gadget – unleash your tech innovation.

Tech Tinkerer

Start a composting program, plant a community garden, or advocate for environmental change – be the eco-warrior your world needs.

Green Guerilla

Write a novel, film a documentary, or start a podcast – share your unique voice and captivate audiences.

Storyteller Symphony

Teach language classes, organize cultural exchanges, or volunteer with international organizations – embrace the world's diversity.

Global Groove

Form a band, compose music, or organize a charity concert – let your musical passion inspire and uplift.

Melodious Mission

Create educational video games, develop apps for social good, or build accessible websites – code your way to a better future.

Coding Crusader

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