7 Disaster Management Project Ideas for Beginners

Create a smartphone application that gives users access to vital resources and information in the event of a crisis.

Community Emergency Preparedness App

Create a small drone that has a camera and sensors so that it may be utilized for search and rescue missions in regions affected by disasters.

Disaster Response Drone System

Using inexpensive sensors and simple electronics, build a low-cost flood monitoring system that can transmit real-time water level data to a smartphone app.

Smart Flood Monitoring System

Investigate and suggest enhanced or novel building materials and methods that might increase a structure's earthquake resistance.

Earthquake-resistant Building Materials

Create a virtual reality simulation that teaches people how to react safely in various crisis scenarios.

Virtual Reality Disaster Training Simulations

Establish a network of medically trained volunteers who can be called upon to offer first aid and basic medical treatment in the wake of a disaster.

Medical Emergency Response Network

Create a system that use sensors and data analysis to forecast wildfires and carry out preventative actions like vegetation management and controlled burns.

Wildfire Prediction and Prevention System

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