7 collage design ideas for school project

Blend textures, materials, and found objects to evoke sights, sounds, and even smells related to your project theme.

Sensory Symphony

1. Build a story through sequential collages, each depicting a scene or moment in your chosen topic. 2. 

Layered Narratives

Deconstruct and reassemble images to challenge traditional views and offer fresh interpretations.

Shattered Perspectives

Let scraps of text, headlines, and magazine clippings weave unexpected poems or messages into your visual landscape.

Found Poetry

Celebrate diversity by incorporating cultural symbols, patterns, and textures from different countries or regions.

Global Fusion

Channel iconic artists like Warhol or Lichtenstein, using bold colors, repetition, and graphic elements to make a statement.

Pop Art Remix

Design a collage that invites viewers to participate, revealing hidden messages or transforming with different viewing angles.

Interactive Illusion

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