7 Best Rollercoaster Project Ideas for Beginners

Marbles will be your "riders," while straws will serve as supports. For more thrills, consider including jumps, tunnels, or loops.

Cardboard Rollercoaster

You can use pre-made Lego tracks or get creative with your own design. Add mini-figures for a playful touch.

Lego Rollercoaster

To attach the paper to a surface, such as a table or cardboard box, use tape. Try out various paper forms to create interesting effects when rolling a marble down the track.

Paper Rollercoaster

Using cardboard, straws, and skewers, construct a maze inside a cardboard box featuring walls, tunnels, and ramps.

Marble Maze Rollercoaster

Fasten balloons to lightweight vehicles or toys and link them to a cardboard tube track.

Balloon-Powered Rollercoaster

To create a domino rollercoaster effect, move the dominoes itself or use marbles to navigate the chain.

Domino Rollercoaster

Let your imagination run wild and add exciting elements like drops, corkscrews, and loops.

Digital Rollercoaster Design

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