7 Backend Project Ideas for Beginners

Tasks may be added, edited, read, and deleted by users. Your comprehension of data storage, API creation, and CRUD operations will be strengthened by this project. 

To-Do List API

Create a service that shortens lengthy URLs to make them more memorable and shorter. Database interface, routing, and security issues are all part of this project.

URL Shortener

Build the backend of a website that showcases your work. It may create a dynamic CV or portfolio page and keep your projects, abilities, and experience.

Personal Portfolio Website

Create a simple chat program so users may communicate with one another in real time. Comprehending message protocols, concurrency principles.

Real-time Chat Application

Build an API that uses a database or another source to provide random quotations. To filter the quotations, users may enter categories, authors, or keywords.

Quote Generator API

Provide a rudimentary blog engine that allows users to add, modify, and publish content. User authentication, content management, and maybe picture processing are all.

Simple Blog Engine

Create a backend system that gives customers movie recommendations based on their past ratings or other preferences.

Movie Recommendation Engine

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