7 Art Project Ideas for Students

They can collect interesting materials like sandpaper, bubble wrap, fabric scraps, and leaves.

Texture Tales

Students can experiment with creating silhouettes using cardboard cutouts and flashlights, build kaleidoscopes from recycled materials.

Light Lab

Students can research traditional art forms from around the world and recreate them using available materials

Global Groove

Challenge students to create masterpieces from everyday objects like plastic bottles, newspapers, or old CDs.

Recycled Reimagined

Blindfold students and send them on a scavenger hunt, collecting objects with interesting textures, smells, or sounds.

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Divide the class into groups and assign each group a section of a giant canvas or mural.

Collaborative Canvas

Bring nature indoors with living art installations! Students can create mini terrariums using recycled jars, planting small succulents or ferns

Living Landscapes

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