7 Accounting Project Ideas for Intermediate

Determine the key performance indicators, trends, and ratios that provide information about the performance and financial health of the organization.

Financial Statement Analysis of a Real Company

Determine any deviations, look into the reasons behind them, and make suggestions for future forecasting and budgeting.

Budget Variance Analysis and Forecasting

For a small firm, conduct research and create a cost accounting system that will assist in monitoring and controlling production costs.

Develop a Cost Accounting System for a Small Business

Select a real-world situation (such as launching a business or purchasing a home) and look up the applicable tax ramifications.

Tax Research and Planning for a Specific Scenario

Select a crucial business operation inside the organization and look for any potential gaps in internal control.

Implement Internal Controls for a Specific Process

Utilize this model to pinpoint possible cash flow issues and suggest methods for enhancing cash flow control.

Develop a Cash Flow Management Plan for a Business

Examine the effects on financial reporting and foreign transactions.

Comparative Analysis of Accounting Standards

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